EOF: Equal Opportunity Friend

I’m an EOF.

Equal Opportunity Friend.

I don’t discriminate.

Not when It comes to race, sex, income, disability.

Or even style or taste.

I’m open.

And I will take you as is.

No modifications.

Adjustments or changes necessary.

That’s just the type of person I am.

If I like you then I like you.

But in my 34 years of life I have found that my open door policy isn’t a popular friendship model.

There are folks that want you to look and talk a certain way.

You have to have a degree and it must be from a specific school.

Your income must be in a certain realm of zeros.

Oh and let me not forget that your home and vehicle must also be up to par.

I mean maybe it’s just me, but last time I checked none of those things really measured any of the stuff that is necessary to qualify as a good friend.

I don’t care what the size of your bank account is.

I mean unless you are offering to pay my student loan payments.

What sets someone apart has more to do with their intangible qualities.

I need some friends with integrity and sticktoitiveness.

Folks that don’t jump ship as soon as there is a sign that tough times are headed this way.

And none of what makes a person a really good friend has anything to do with how much they make, what they drive or their zip code.

It has to do with their heart.

So one day you might find me chilling with a goth chick and the next a USC third generation white guy whose family vacations in Monte Carlo.

Very different on the outside.

So different in fact, that some might question whether I have any standards at all when it comes to friends. 

And all I can say is,

I’m an Equal Opportunity Friend looking for a few good hearts.

7 thoughts on “EOF: Equal Opportunity Friend

  1. Which is why given the chance to meet I think we would become pretty good friends 😉 because I am the same way. In fact I go out of my way to meet people that are different from me. I am always looking beneath the surface because that is where the heart is.

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  3. Loved this and I agree whole-heartedly. I feel that I am a more well-rounded person if I have a diverse group of friends. Is it because I am schitzo? Maybe. Is it because I was the minority in my high school? Could be. Is it because I still haven’t goitten use to the fact that I make more than prents? Might be. The points is my life is richer because I have varied experiences and diverse friends. And you Miss Ronnie, would be a favorite friend to have in real life. Why? Because I respect you and admire the broad spectrum of posts and thoughts you have. Keep it up!

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