The Official Launch of ZoomZooms & WhamWhams

Growing up candy, snacks and goodies were always referred to as zoomzooms & whamwhams by my sister and I.

For those of you not in the know, Urban Dictionary defines the term as a:

jail/prison term used to define snack foods.

Don’t ask me where we picked up the term…

Cause if I tell you then I might have to cut you.


But on a lighter, less violent note…

I am now appropriating the term for my wish list.

I’m always stumbling across items that I want.

For no reason other than that I have deemed them want worthy.

And since I blog fairly regularly and feel the need to share.

I will share with all of you, from time to time,  all of these fabulous items.

Now I probably won’t purchase any of them because I’m a single mom on a budget.

But hey it’s fun to dream…

So join me as I salivate over today’s edition of ZoomZooms & WhamWhams.

Let’s call it Balmain Boot Mania:

Balmain Studded Khaki Ankle Boot $1595

So it’s Monday and the inner sex kitten has yet to fully return to her lair…so a few studs, zippers and rope…I mean shoestrings are a must.

Balmain Khaki Canvas Double Buckle Lace Up $860

Tuesday and you’re feeling a bit more tame and these military inspired beauties will do the trick.

Balmain Black Leather Lace-Up Folded Boots $1076

Wednesday is hump day…and well a little black leather makes every hump better.

Balmain Red Suede Buckle Low Boots $1195

Thursday and ain’t nothing like a little red suede to get revved up for the weekend

Balmain Leopard Print Mid Boot $1500

Friday night…Just got paid…Party jumping…And ready to place these on the shoulders of the prey of choice.

So there you have it, a boot for every day of the work week.

Feel free to hit me up for my PO Box and send any one of these pieces of boot candy my way. 

Please and Thank You

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