5 Ways to Compliment a Woman’s Ta-Tas

I recently had the privilege of being on one side of a conversation on the insanity  of a world where you could not compliment a woman’s déccoletage without running the risk of being called a pervert and/or being slapped with a strong pimp hand.

After much back and forth and tons of jokes…

Because who really walks around crying over the lack of boob compliments they have dished out or received??

I mean there are starving children and babies dying of cholera to take up any free time you might happen to have.

But since it is breast cancer awareness month.

And my right hand is sore from slapping fools the f out.

I decided to share my list on the 5 ways to give that bodacious chick a compliment on her lovely lady lumps.

You can thank me later.

1.  Someone should pin a pink ribbon on you because ta-tas that big and healthy should be recognized.

2.  It is absolutely amazing the way your boobs work together to lovingly cushion your necklace.  That’s what I call team work.

3.  Your shirt is stupid ugly.  But your melons do wonders for its aesthetics.

4.  If my boss had your rack, I’d have to go to work more often.

5.  I love a woman with a strong back.

9 thoughts on “5 Ways to Compliment a Woman’s Ta-Tas

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    • I feel as a woman of umm a considerable bust line that I owe it to all women to improve upon some men’s pickup game. Glad you learned something new today 🙂

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