New Book Project

I’m happy to share with ya’ll some exciting news

I am currently in the process of compiling and preparing for my first book of poetry

**Steps away from the keyboard and busts out with the Tootsie roll**

Okay, I’m back

As you can see I am beyond the moon about this project

I’m going to be self-publishing using (an Amazon company)

And expect the book to be available the end of June 2013 to coincide with the 3rd Anniversary of The Candy Shoppe

A fellow poet has previously gone this route and had great feedback on the site

Support him and his chapbook of erotic poetry if you can:  The Dirty Dozen: Volume One

It’s a huge undertaking, and will take a large amount of time and money to pull off

I’ve added a donate button to the front page of The Candy Shoppe for anyone who wants to contribute to the process

Keep an eye out for updates


2 thoughts on “New Book Project

  1. 1) Good luck with your book! From reading your blog I know it’ll be great.
    2) Thank you so much for posting the link to CreateSpace. I’ve never heard of that service but I will be checking them out!

    • Thank you soo much Tori. And yes when ghdos told me about how he self published through them, I jumped on it. Good luck in your research 🙂

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