Insanity Week 4: Rewind, Replay, Redo (aka Blame It On The Couch)

So week 4 pretty much took me out like Bruce Lee did O’Hara.

And it was not pretty at all.

I ended up repeating the week 3 times.

First go round (August 13th-19th)

Not sure if it was just the fatigue that sets in after a good vacation but, I just did not have any umph in me. 

To say I performed the workouts in a half-assed manner would be kind.

I literally modified almost every move to minimize my effort.

By the end of the week I was totally disgusted and knew I needed to do better.

Second go round (August 20th-26th)

I started off my second attempt at week 4 on a good note.

But it was all downhill from there.

In fact I ended up not even finishing all of the workouts.

Gave up mid-week and proceeded to lie on the couch the rest of the week.

Third times a charm (August 27th –September 2nd)

So I was determined to get over this hill and conquer week 4.

And I did. Yay!!

Not only did I feel stronger during every workout,

I really felt like I was giving 100%.

Thank goodness because I just did not want to have to face this week again.

On to week 5, this is the midway point of the program. 

The following week I will start the new workouts and I’m super excited for the variety that I hope these will add.

I was getting tired of the same 4 workouts (I guess that happens when you have to repeat a week 3 times lol).

Well wish me luck and I will see ya’ll in a week.

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