Insanity Weeks 2-3

Checking in with a quick update on my Insanity program.

Wrapped up weeks 2 and 3.

Check out my progress picture below:

(End of week 3)

Week 2 (July 30th – August 5th)

Maybe it’s the whole ovulation thing.

But the whole second week of Insanity was just a drag.

From start to finish.

All I kept thinking about was laying on the couch and watching the Olympics.

Oh and Power Jumps suck dusty balls.

Week 3 (August 6th – 12th)

I was actually on vacation this week in Washington DC.

Even though I spent my days in a marinade of DC humidity, and visiting every monument and museum ever built,

I still managed to do my workouts in my hotel suite.

No applause necessary but yeah I think I’m pretty amazing lol.

The first day of vacation was my 2 week Fit Test.

I did better on most of the exercises.

But the most notable difference was that I didn’t feel like I was gonna toss my cookies or pass out at all during the test.

1. Switch Kicks = 56 (+22)
2. Power Jacks = 33 (+11)
3. Power Knees = 66 (+6)
4. Power Jumps = 15 (+4)
5. Globe Jumps = 5 (no change)
6. Suicide Jumps = 7 (+2)
7. Push-Up Jacks = 14 (+2)
8. Low Plank Oblique = (26 (+2)

I still ended up on the floor prostrate praying after the Fit Test.

But I think it was because I took way fewer breaks than when I did the test on day 1.

And with all of the sweating and hyperventilating I seem to do with these workout,

I’m not really sure how I feel about my results thus far.

I gained 2 pounds, lost a few inches in the waist, gained in my calves…

And my 25.5 inch thighs refuse to be moved.

It’s a bit disappointing to say the least.

But I paid for the program, so I will finish.


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