Insanity Week 1


So I was laying on my couch…my favorite spot of all time.

And watching the Insanity infomercial for the umpteenth millionth time.

When something possessed me to head over to the Beach Body website.

Before I could reclaim my mind, I had purchased Insanity.

And as of yesterday I’ve completed the first week.

I think I will share with y’all on a weekly basis my thoughts on the workouts.

Week 1 Insanity (July 23-29):

Before Picture


Cute. Right?

Day 1

I almost threw up twice and I had to pause four times but I made it through the Fit Test.

1. Switch Kicks = 34
2. Power Jacks = 22 (nauseous)
3. Power Knees = 60
4. Power Jumps = 11 (nauseous)
5. Globe Jumps = 5
6. Suicide Jumps = 5 (dizzy)
7. Push-Up Jacks = 12 (wtf?!?! is he trying to kill me)
8. Low Plank Oblique = 24 (damn near cried and was laying with my face pressed into the floor asking Jesus to help me)

Well that was day 1. I’m gonna try to crawl upstairs to the shower. I feel shaky so pray for me.

Day 2

Fuck a Suicide Drill

*that is all*

Day 3

I’m not as sore today as I thought I would be

A little tenderness inside…I’m not sure if I’m the only one who gets that internal soreness thing when I exercise good

Excited to do tonight’s workout…I was too lazy to get up at 5 am and do it this morning

Ahh well

Day 4

Late Dinner

Means late workout

But I’m gonna do it

Day 5

Insanity Pure Cardio….

I actually cursed out my television

Day 6

I took my rest day on Friday

Well I fell asleep at 8:30 pm and didn’t wake up until midnight

So really my body decided it needed to rest

Anywho I just finished Plyometric Cardio Circuit

This time it wasn’t the suicide drills that were my nemesis

It was the power squats

Man oh man…power squats for the kill

But all in all I’m glad I started this program and can’t wait to see the results

*Side note:  I am having a hard time not weighing or measuring myself.  Seriously trying to wait until my next fit test….but the temptation is strong within me**

Stick with me y’all.  I will be posting my journal on a weekly basis for the next 8 weeks. Keep me honest and if you are doing any type of exercise program, let’s hear about it.


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