There is nothing I can do to stop loving you

And I’ve been taught not to envy

Yet I can’t help but wish

That she were me

Or her and I

Could conceivably share

This love that seems to me divine

Sent to me

It couldn’t possibly be

Because I’ve been taught

Not to covet what belongs

To another’s heart

No woman shall put asunder

Yet I’m here

And you’re so close

I can taste you with the tips of my fingers

Craving your words, touch, love

Gluttony in it’s truest form

I could gorge myself

And then hate my body for the way it rejected your love

Knowing that it’s a sin

To lay soo close to you

That my skin bares your scent

And the imprint of your soul

Save me from the valley of the shadow of this love

Leading me into temptation

Causing me to eat at the table of another

Remembering my manners

All polite and proper when I’m introduced

Until he turns and leads her away

Leaving me on bended knee

To repent


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