Living Without

Living without you

Is putting me through it

Wringing out my demons

Milking tears from years dried eyes

I’m breaking slowly

Crippled by the want that you left me

Moving in slow motion

Because you always said I go too fast

And now I’m so far behind

To catch up would mean to leave

And how can I do that?

Leave me?

When living without you

Is causing me to forget that I ever was

I don’t even remember

The pieces that make up me

Or you

A jumble of rights and angles


And angels that resemble

The demons that visit me

With every tear that falls

Looking like you

But smelling like death

And sweet almond oil

Because she is me

Wrapped up in a disguise

Of wanting and you

Breaking me down

So I stop

To wait for me

And realize

That it is me

Whom I can’t live without


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