Adventures in Natural Hair Styling: Holiday Party Edition

Hello Luvs.

It’s been a little while I know.

I’ve missed you all. 

As many of y’all know, I’ve been rocking my natural hair for almost 2 years.

And I’ve loved every minute. 

But I was a bit nervous when my company’s holiday party was approaching.

I wanted to be classy and dressy and just overall glam.

I thought I’d share with you how I achieved what I thought was a very appropriate natural hairstyle for an upscale event.

The style that I came up with was a 50s inspired partial pin-up style.

Oh and for my girlies who rock transitioning, pressed or relaxed hair, I think this style would work just as well for you.

So what you see in the picture above is a perm rod set that I partially pinned up and accented with a crystal hair comb.

And here’s how I worked it out:

I decided to wash my hair on Thursday knowing the party was Saturday.

I figured this would give my hair enough time to air dry as well as give the perm rods enough time to really set my curls.

So I started my process about 6 pm thursday night knowing I had to work the next morning.

Bad move as it takes 3-4+ hours for my de-tangle and wash cycle. I must have been delusional.

But it is what it is. So I gotta tell the truth.

I always start with a 20 minute pre-poo of coconut oil with a plastic cap and my body heat.  This is a perfect time to get in a little exercise as it raises your body temperature.  I use the pre-poo to prepare my hair for finger de-tangling. After detangling I then place my hair in about 8-10 twists. This entire step usually takes me 1.5 hours.

Next I wash my hair in twists with Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter moisture retention shampoo. I untwisted each section, shampoo, rinse and re-twist. I’m also finger detangling and removing any remaining shed hairs during this step. I then apply the Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter deep treatment masque to each twist. Again I untwist each section, apply product and re-twist. I then apply a plastic cap and my head wrap and let the conditioner sit for approximately an hour. This entire step takes about 1.5 hours.

I rinse the conditioner from my hair while it remains in twists. I make sure to remove all product as I have found that if leave any product my scalp doesn’t like it.

After all conditioner is rinsed out, I apply a combination of grapeseed/castor and almond oil to each individual twist while my hair is still dripping wet. I then wrap my twists in a silk scarf with my head wrap on top of that. This step takes about 30 minutes.

I then allow my hair to air dry to about 60-70% dry. My hair takes forever to dry so this is minimum 2 hours.

Hence my earlier statement that I was crazy to start this process  at 6pm on a weeknight.

So normally I would proceed to twist my hair once it was 60/70% dry. But seeing as it was pushing midnight I decided to go to bed and twist in the am.

I woke up at the crick crack of dawn and proceeded to twist my hair in approx 20-40 twists sealing my ends with QHEMET Burdock Root Buttercream. I then pinned those up so I’d look appropriate for work. (I work in a corporate office).  This step took me an hour.

I used my twists to not only allow my hair to dry but also to stretch it out in preparation for the perm rod set. You could totally forego this step and just blow dry your hair out. But I aim to use heat as little as possible. So no blow dryer for me this time.

When I got home later that evening my hair was dry. I took each twist, unraveled it and ran a flat-iron over the section. My iron was set at 300, which is the lowest setting. I wasn’t aiming for bone straight hair. After going over the section 2-3 times, I divided it into two, applied a touch of QHEMET Burdock Root Buttercream to the entire length, added a paper to my ends and rolled on perm rods.

I have two sizes of perm rods (see picture below) and I’m not sure of the actual sizes. I ended up using 50 rods. I almost ran out at the end so I had to combine some of my twists sections.

I placed my satin bonnet and silk scarf on for sleeping.

The next morning I removed all of the perm rods. I then coated my hands in coconut oil and proceeded to separate the sections and fluff my hair to remove parts. I tried not to over manipulate my hair because I didn’t want it to get frizzy.

Lastly I pinned one side back with a crystal embellished comb. And the other side with just some bobby pins to create a slight pompadour in front.

I really loved the finished style.

Hope you enjoyed!

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