I Chose You


I chose you.

Meaning there were other options.

And I decided that you and I had the best chance at happiness infinity.

Or maybe I just like the way my stomach dropped when you smiled at me.

While I sipped my mango mojito.

Or coffee.

Or tea.

Whatever the smiles, butterflies, drinks or reasons.

I chose you.

Meaning I thought it through.

All your perceived possibilities.

And glaring flaws.

The mathematics involved with us two possibly equaling one.

Creating something greater than our individual parts.

Weighed like life and death.

Because in the end your fingertips pressed into my flesh.

Resembled cupid’s daggers.

Piercing glances and whispered deceits.

No matter the how we ended up together.

And ended all together.

Don’t be surprised when I move on.

To those other choices.



Other thoughts.

What did you think?

That you were my beginning and end?

And not merely a choice.

What are you thinking?

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