My Natural Hair Musings

People say, hair is hair.

But for me I’ve noticed differences in how I perceive myself (and am perceived by others) since I went natural.

And one things for sure, since going natural I know I feel more confident.

This in turn leads me to feel more attractive.

And I know my confidence has grown by leaps and bounds based solely on one little habit.

I wear my hair pulled away from my face 99% of the time now.

When I wore my hair straight it was so common for m to hae my hair in some style that obscured my face.

That the one time I cut my bangs, my cousin damn near threw a party.

Yes it was that serious.

But a totally unconscious habit.

I never really thought about why I favored face framing styles, almost to a fault.

Not until I began to wear my hair natural did I begin to see how my straight hair was really a security blanket.

It was my safety net in a world (both black and white) that seems to elevate black women with long straight hair.

Once I decided to go natural I found that many black men no longer found me as attractive.

And that some individuals at work (primarily other black women) even questioned my level of professionalism.

All off of something so arbitrary as hair.

But on the flip side I noticed that as I grew more comfortable with my hair (and in turn myself), there were just as many external positives.

I found my attractive stock began to rise exponentially with men of other races.

It was strange at first. 

Not because I’d never had that attention.

But when I compared it to the steep fall of from black men, it saddened me.

That appreciation for my natural beauty and confidence would be from a majority of men who do not share my heritage.

On a positive note, I noticed that my career began to blossom.

I’ve always done well in corporate America.

But somehow I’ve found myself on a much faster track since transitioning.

I attribute a lot of this to the confidence that I’ve attained.

The way in which I project and carry myself.

Being natural in this society is not easy. 

It takes a strong sense of self.

I truly believe this sense of knowing who I am, what I’m doing, executing it, and not needing anyones approval to truly know that my ideas are great, has made a huge difference in my work performance.

Confidence permeates every thing that I do.

From work to play.

– The musings of a Natural Hair Convert


5 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Musings

    • @abusybella I’m 3 years but only this past year have I been taking care of my hair and embracing the curl. No heat/straight styles. It’s been a real eye opener and a really wonderful time of self discovery. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

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  2. Continue to follow the natural journey ‘n embrace it!! Those misconceptions are just social constructs and are based on hate. I know you’re not regretting this experience. 😉

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