No Halloween For You

Captain Hook back in the good ol daysMy nine year old son does not want to participate in Halloween this year.

[Insert pouting and tantrum throwing here.]

After I picked myself up off the ground,

I informed him that he was ruining my holiday.

He just looked at me like I was short.

Which I am….

But the point here is that ever since I gave birth to him, I look forward to holidays.

All of them.

With so much more excitement and enthusiasm than I ever did prior to him entering this world.

And Halloween is no exception.

I love to see his excitement at picking out a new, cool costume.

Choosing candy to pass out (hoarding the best stuff for ourselves) on Halloween evening.

Attending parties with families and friends.

And traipsing around the neighborhood mooching off the neighbors.

It’s so much fun and has given us so many fond memories.

Like the year he was Tigger and wore the costume for a month after.

My mom was so hot that I let him wear it to the mall and daycare.

But hey, he was happy.  And it made getting ready in the mornings a snap.

Or the year he was a ninja, complete with nunchucks and double swords.

And we battled in the living room to the sounds of “Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting.”

Even his first big boy costume, a bleeding skeleton.

It was a mess but he got so many compliments from kids and adults alike.

His beaming face made it more than worth the mess.

And I say all of this to y’all because my son really could care less.

My pleas for some sort of celebration continue to fall on deaf ears.

The King has spoken.

And the words still ring in my ears,

“No Halloween for you mama.”

2 thoughts on “No Halloween For You

    • Paige I have been attempting to bribe him for the past few weeks. But he just looks at me like “Are we really talking about this again?!?” Lol it would be laughable if I wasn’t truly bummed out.

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