Truth Be Told

You know how people like to say, “Theres two sides to every story”?

Well I like to reply, “Yup. But there’s always only one truth”.

No matter how you slice, dice or dissect it.

Truth be told…there is still only one truth.

And lately it seems that a lot of the people I am encountering in life are allergic to truth.

The truth can keep you from getting something you want.

It can hurt.  I mean the kind of hurt that has your heart aching so much it hurts to breathe.

The truth can leave you isolated and alone.

But as a responsible adult you have to embrace the truth.

And no matter how good it may feel or how far you might get by doing otherwise.

You have to live from a place of truth.

I’m tired of encountering folks who are all about themselves.

So quick to lie.

Fast to keep pertinent information to themselves.

Because they know that if they told the truth they wouldn’t get the outcome they’re desiring.

The other day I was checking out a post over on NWSO where a couple of brothers were discussing “dating like an adult.”

If you aren’t willing to tell the truth.

Be honest with the people who you are interacting with, be it intimate or platonic.

Then you aren’t being an adult.

You want to have your cake and eat it and all the cupcakes and cookies too.

Withholding the truth is selfish because it keeps those you are dealing with from being able to make decisions.

Decisions that maybe you don’t want them to make.

But that’s how you play the game fair.

You put it all out on the table and everyone gets to decide what’s best for them.

That’s my side of the story.

What’s yours?


One thought on “Truth Be Told

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