Levantine Cultural Center – Special Benefit Event

We invite you to be among the pioneers who help create the first Middle Eastern theatre company in Southern California! Your support can bring vital drama and dialogue about the Israeli-Palestinian stalemate to the stage! 

WHEN: Sunday, October 23, 4-7 pm 

WHAT: Founding event for the first Middle Eastern theatre company of Los Angeles,

Freedom Theatre West (FTW), named in honor of Juliano Mer-Khamis’ Jenin company, the Freedom Theatre.

OBJECTIVE: Raise the funds to underwrite the first FTW production,

Sarah’s War, by Valerie Dillman, and establish the first independent, nonprofit Middle Eastern theatre company in Southern California. Amani and Azzam Jabsheh have pledged a significant contribution toward the $25,000 goal. Many more are pledging now! 

Our special thanks go to the Palestinian American Society for their support. 

WHO: Playwright Valerie Dillman, director Matt McKenzie, with live performances from the play with actors of stage & screen, a slide show, and a special guest appearance by Professor William Cook, author of among other titles The Plight of the Palestinians.

WHERE: Covina Woman’s Club, 128 South San Jose Drive, Covina CA 91723-2618. Delicious food and refreshments will be served. Minimum suggested donation $50 per person (volunteer scholarships available).


(SPACE LIMITED) to: Levantine Cultural Center, 310.657.5511, or Amani Jabsheh, 909.702.7578.   



Advance Praise for Sarah’s War: 

“What a great piece of theatre! What a great theatrical experience.” –William Lithgow

[Sarah’s War] is a thrilling emotional adventure, gorgeously, tenderly written by [an] amazing playwright.” –Suzanne Ford

“It is your civic duty as a human being, your allegiance to the human race, to see this important, thought-provoking, deeply compassionate work of art…Like the Greek philosophers, Valerie Dillman challenges us to question our humanity. As if this weren’t enough, it is also funny. Bravo to this beautiful ensemble.” –Sharron Shayne-Simeone

The greater Los Angeles region–home to a million Americans of Arab/Middle Eastern/North Africa heritage, desperately needs a theatre company devoted to the Middle East/North Africa. Good theatre enriches, provokes and often changes civil society, using cultural diplomacy to bridge religious and political divides while addressing potentially charged issues that rarely receive enough public attention.  Theatre creates a safe space for dialogue and cultivation of new friendships. 

In honor of our friend

Juliano Mer-Khamis, the Israeli-Palestinian actor-director and founder of Jenin’s theatre company, Freedom Theatre, who was assassinated in April of this year, we will launch Freedom Theatre West in Los Angeles early in 2012 by producing Sarah’s War, provocative theatre by Valerie Dillman.  

Sarah’s War is a fictionalized version of the Rachel Corrie story, albeit one that sticks to the known facts, in that it shows multidimensional characters interacting with “Sarah” (Rachel) including her parents, sister and others. We will produce Sarah’s War for a 6-8 week run in a 99-seat theatre. The production will draw attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the wrongful effects of the military occupation of the West Bank and the siege of Gaza. It brings into question the American taxpayer’s role in subsidizing a culture of war–at a heavy cost. We fully expect Sarah’s War to garner critical acclaim, and as a result shine more light on the good works of the Levantine Cultural Center, now in its 10th year–and on the importance of our community and underwriters like you.

Be a pioneer, pledge your contribution today. Attend on Oct. 23 to learn more.

Unable to attend on October 23? Please send your tax-deductible contribution to Levantine Cultural Center, mark “Sarah’s War/FTW” in the memo line of your check, to 5998 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90035-2657. You will receive a receipt for your taxes in addition to any benefits listed with your sponsorship level.  

More Info

The estimated cost of underwriting this play and at the same time launching Freedom Theatre West is a modest $25,000.

Your tax-deductible contribution will: 

  • Support independent, provocative theatre 
  • Help launch the only Middle Eastern theatre company in Southern California 
  • A portion of the proceeds will go to support Jenin’s Freedom Theatre 

Please share with friends, and be sure to take a look at these sites:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRf5avXc_MY   http://membersonly.pacificresidenttheatre.com/PRTArchives/SarahsWar.shtml  


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