3in6 Hair Challenge: The Wrap Up

So my lovelies the 3in6 Hair Challenge has come to an end.

6 months of wearing my hair up and protected.

Somehow I feel there should be some sort of grand celebration to mark its ending.

You know fireworks, confetti, the works.

I mean it was something like life changing for me.

The whole concept of wearing my hair up in protective styles (2 weeks of free styling allowed if one so chose).

A difficult task for a girl known to not only always wear her hair down.

But, in styles that tended to hide her face.

(Thanks cousin V for pointing the latter out. Who knew? Not me that’s for sure).

But here I stand 6 months later and not only did I make it.

I excelled!!!

You know those 14 days of free styling?

This girl right here ended the challenge with 1 whole day yet to be used.

But less I leave you thinking it was all about hair styling, let me share with you the other aspects of the challenge and my umm achievements.

Exercise Daily I’m sporadically consistent with this. I’ve been known to do 2 hours one day and 15 minutes another. But hey It’s all about moving and grooving and being healthy.

Drink Water – The goal was some ridiculous quantity of water. So ridiculous in fact that I apparently have blocked it from my memory.

Daily Multivitamin – I’m actually getting so use to taking my vitamins that I actually flip a little if I realize I haven’t taken them for the day.

Eat Veggies or Fruit with Each Meal – This has been easy since I am currently on a fruit adorned salad kick. Thank you very much to my Aunt D and her delicious strawberry/apple/walnut Mother’s Day salad extraordinaire.

Prepoo with Coconut Oil for 20 Minutes prior to Cleaning Hair – I’ve actually expanded this by adding Alma oil to the mix and I usually sit for 30 minutes or longer. Hey I’m not lazy, it’s good for my hair.

No Trimming – I was doing so very good with this up until June hit. At which time I could no longer ignore my scraggly ends. So I killed them and a good 1/2 to 1 inch of hair.

And for all of my efforts in this challenge I gained 2.5 inches of hair. Which places me currently at 9 inches in front and back.

Here's the back. Couldn't get a decent picture of the front. Sorry y'all

I can’t tell you how long my hair is straightened because I haven’t used heat on my hair for over a year now.

I may straighten this winter just so I can see if I have hit mid back by the end of the year.

More important than hair length though is the fact that I honestly love my hair and can take pretty good care of it by myself.

And whats super exciting is the fact that I love wearing my hair up in protective styles.

Who would have thunk it??

My current fave is a free-form Gibson roll. It protects my ends and i think it’s perfect for work or play.

That being said, I had already decided to stick with the general guidelines for the 3in6 challenge through the end of the year.

And when I heard that The Good Hair Blog was putting on a 3 month challenge, I signed right up.

Nothing like a group of like minded women to help keep me accountable.

So here’s to what the next 6 months has in store for me and my hair.

*If you’d like to check out my journey through this challenge see the following posts:

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5 thoughts on “3in6 Hair Challenge: The Wrap Up

  1. Nice wrap-up, and way to retain so much length even after trimming as much as an inch. That’s fantastic.

    Now, I’m off to see what’s doing in this 3 month challenge on the Good Hair Blog, that you mentioned. Thanks for the link!

    • Thanks for stopping by. I’m really glad I took the challenge, learned so much about both myself and my hair. Hope to see you on the good hair blog challenge 🙂

  2. Congratulations on gaining those 2.5 inches! I’d tried to follow the challenge, but I had heat damage so I ended up getting a hair cut (not trim, but cut; about 3-5 inches got chopped off). (P.S. I love your freckles, they’re so pretty :-))

    • Hi Ms Luna.
      Thanks it was unexpected. I guess because I went in with really no growth expectations. But I will take it lol.

      Now that you are starting from a healthy place why don’t you try the Good Hair Blog 3 month challenge?

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. It’s much appreciated.

      • I don’t think I’ll be trying that challenge right now, my routine right now is actually to: shampoo, condition, twist, wear those twists for a few days, rock a twist out, and then at the end of the week retwist and wear those twists for a few days and a twist out towards the end of the week. I wash my hair every 2-3 weeks. And your welcome :-), I read somewhere that the only way bloggers know that you read a post is when you comment, so I try to comment as often as I can.

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