Late Day Post: Exceptions

I’ve noticed that there comes a time in life when you’ve been hurt so much.

And you just make up your mind to stop feeling.

But there is always that one person who comes along and makes you reconsider.

Actually they give you instant amnesia.

And you forget all about not feeling.

Because all you can do is feel…them.

These are the people I call Exceptions.

Exceptions to your rules.

Exceptions to your lists.

They override and overrule all rational thinking.

I believe they bring color into what can sometimes be a drab life.

And now one of my most favorite bands,

Paramore – The Only Exception

6 thoughts on “Late Day Post: Exceptions

  1. I know what you mean. I found an exception, only he didn’t make one for me and now I’m left with not wanting to feel again…no matter how wonderful it feels at the time.

    • Have been there before JC…But that is the thing about Exceptions, they make us even forget that we promised ourselves “never again”

  2. Change your thinking. If someone isn’t an exception, than make them a nothing. Don’t put rules on people that make you happy; be happy with them while you can, leave them alone when you need to and enjoy them when they return, because they always do.

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