Late Day Poetry: Sleeping Alone

Sleeping alone

In this bed made for you

And me feeling so cold

Two blankets draped haphazardly

In an attempt to hold at bay

The chill

That spreads goose bumps down my thighs

And memories

That send electric vibrations down my spine

Like your lips did

Before I began

Sleeping alone


3 thoughts on “Late Day Poetry: Sleeping Alone

  1. girl, I feel ya. And I totally agree with Realestdudeintheroom. Yes, that is where we choose to be. However, doesn’t stop the loniness. But choosing to be with someone cause you’re lonely is not healthy, at all. Yes, would get you through the night, and temprorary fix. But then where does that leave you at the end of day/night, back where you were the day before, if it’s not a committed relationship or working toward one. Sometimes we do need that time alone. It’s just in the interim, we have our moments of ‘Intimacy relapse’, and start realizing we’re missing it. Stay strong.

    Lovely poem!

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