Colored My Mind the Champions of Autism

What does an educator, an actress, a lawyer, a music manager and a homemaker all have in common?

They are all mothers of children with Autism.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder is a range of complex neurodevelopmental disorders often characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties and repetitive patterns of behavior.

It has been estimated that approximately 1 in every 110 children born will be diagnosed with the disease.

And that currently 1.5 million people in the United States are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Symptoms range in severity and complexity.

Its causes are still being speculated and as of now there is no known cure.

Autism occurs in all ethnic  and economic groups.

But the discussion on the disease’s impact on children and families is often limited or nonexistent in underrepresented communities.

There is no medical test to diagnose Autism and doctors must rely on observation and some psychological and educational testing.

It is common for doctors to write off parents concerns. 

And it is even more common when it comes to the concerns of poorly educated minority parents.

As a result, children of color are often misdiagnosed, diagnosed late (on average African-American children are diagnosed 1.5 years later than their caucasian counterparts) or not diagnosed at all.

And once these children are diagnosed they, along with their families, are often ostracized in their own communities.

Forced to deal not only with an uncooperative health care system but also cultural taboos and an uneducated community.

Colored My Mind is an organization that is seeking to educate the global community on the disease which is Autism, with a focus on underrepresented communities.

To aid in this endeavor they have filmed a documentary which takes us into the lives of five women who are personally dealing with Autism and its effects on their children and families.

Donna Hunter – The Educator

Tisha Campbell Martin – The Actress

Shannon Nash – The Lawyer

Tammy McCrary – The Music Manager

LaDonna Hughley – The Homemaker

But they don’t simply stop with their own personal stories of struggle and triumph.

These powerhouses are stepping up to the plate and speaking on behalf  of those who are unable to speak up for themselves.

Take a peek as they take us on a journey through the unexplored world of Black Autism.

Colored My Mind Global Documentary Trailer

One thought on “Colored My Mind the Champions of Autism

  1. I believe that autistic people are normal and we are all messed up. The autistic see things that we don’t see, feel things that we can’t feel and communicate in a way that we are too shallow to understand.

    The autistic talk to the angels that we are not aware of and recognize evil in the people that we trust.

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