Daddy Milk Cheese Please

My son is special.

He is such a smart one.

And he never ceases to amaze me with the breadth of his imagination.

A discussion that started off with a question on human reproduction.

More specifically the how’s of milk production in humans.

Turned into a full-fledged science fiction business plan, complete with marketing and slogans.

He has determined that not only women should have the pleasure of producing milk.

No, that is totally not fair.

So he will create a hormone that can be administered to men and will allow them to produce milk.

Ok so I can see how that might benefit mankind.

Say a mother is unable to produce milk or isn’t present due to death or whatever.

Then yeah a dad might need or want the opportunity to do that for his child.

But my child wasn’t thinking of the good of man kind.

No, he proceeds to describe how he will have a farm.

A daddy milk farm. 

And he will dress all of the men in cow suits, with their milk producing teats hanging out of cut outs.

He will herd them and milk them in order to produce various types of cheese.

And there will be commercials staring singing babies.

And these babies will sing his slogan,

“Daddy Milk Cheese Please.”

Yes, I ask myself daily where he came from. 

Gotta love this child of mine.

5 thoughts on “Daddy Milk Cheese Please

  1. Ha ha….out of the mouths of babes…. I think your son is onto something. I’m not eating any mancheese but I could see this working well in foreign countries.

    In addition, men could earn extra income giving milk. Kinda like a sperm bank or plasma donation center.

  2. With the number and creativity of the ideas that he has, pluse his miserly ways, I am convinced that he is going to be a very successful entrepreneur. Glad you all enjoyed and got a little laugh out of this one.

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