Go Blog! It’s Your Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to The Candy Shoppe!

Today the blog officially made 1 year.

It’s amazing.

Time definitely flies when you are having fun.

I’ve enjoyed every moment.

Every post.

137 so far.

138 if you count this one.

Every subscriber.

All 45 of y’all.

Every comment.

670 lovely and some not so lovely thoughts.

All the visits.


All the late nights.

Heartache and doubts.

I’ve grown so much as a writer.

And as a person.

I’d like to take a moment to thank J who pushed me to start the blog.

Even though I moaned and complained about all the hard work it entailed.

I’m glad I finally caved in.

Thanks to my son who inspires one of my favorite categories on this blog, Diary of a HOT Mama.

I’d also like to thank all the wonderful friends, both real life and cyber life, who support me and my writing.

I’ve grown to love so many of you and truly think of you as family.

Big shout out to Anslem of NWSO who let me write for his site and got me to thinking I could possibly do it on my own.

Another huge thank you to Kaye of Stroke of Prose who inspires me with her writing, encouragement and virtual friendship.

Thanks to Darius of Casico Entertainment Group for giving me an opportunity to do artist interviews.  And opening up a new world of writing.

And last but definitely not least,

Thank You Much to all of y’all who read and share my work.

I truly appreciate you letting me do this thing that I love.

*Some of the most popular and just my personal favorite posts from the past year:

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9 thoughts on “Go Blog! It’s Your Birthday!!

  1. Congrats and Happy Blog Birthday, Candy Girl. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your writing some time ago. Time definitely flies when you’re having fun. Keep it up. You have a reader for life in me.

  2. Congrats and happy belated!! I’m glad I came across your blog. A few months ago, I started reading blogs and started to enjoy the different discussions and point of view of the reader as well as writer, and became a bit obsessed to say the least. Even started my own, but still a work in progress. But I’ve enjoyed reading. Keep doing what you do!

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