I was born on June 6th 1976. 


It has a ring to it right?

So today I am officially 35 years old.


Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder where did the time go??

It doesn’t seem like too long ago that I was in high school and then college.

But I’m quickly approaching my 20 year high school reunion.

My mother always told me that once you hit 30, the years seem to fly by.

And I have come to agree.

But unlike my mother,

I did not stay in bed all day, depressed, on my 30th birthday.

And this morning when I opened my eyes to face 35 in the mirror,

I was quite happy with what stared back at me.

Not only do I think I look fabulous.

But I am proud of the woman I have become.

Through a lot of trials and tribulations.

(That I won’t get into today because today is a day of celebration).

I’ve still managed to maintain who I am at the core.

And I’ve come to accept and embrace who I am.

I am a quiet and private person.

Who opens up to few, but when I do open up, I’m completely open.

I am a huge flirt. 

Who loves to laugh and joke and clown around.

I am a good friend.

Who won’t call you everyday but will always be available to answer when needed.

I am a sensitive soul.

Who can be hurt very deeply but who rarely let’s those scars show.

I am a creative creature.

Who loves to write and paint and express my heart.

I am a daughter, sister, niece, cousin, and friend.

Who loves my family and friends exactly where they are in life.

I am an awesome mother.

Who is raising an exceptional son to be whatever he chooses in life and to excel at it.

I am 35 years old today and I can’t wait for what the next 35 years holds in store.


7 thoughts on “6-6-76

  1. Happy Birthday!….Shoulda told me earlier. 35 is huge. I would have sent you something.

    Guess I’ll send you something when you turn 40.

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