I Want

I know they say it isn’t good to walk around wanting.

They say you should be content with what you have.

But who cares what they say?

Yeah, me either.

So in today’s edition of ZoomZooms & WhamWhams I’m sharing four items that I’ve got my eyes on.

Silvia Jacket by lauragalic

I said it before and I will say it again, me in this jacket would be ahhhh-mazing.

Celia Jacket by lauragalic

I really have no words for this jacket.  It would make my waist look super tiny, which in turn would make my butt look like a capital letter C…#Winning.

Unique Galaxy Fishtail dress by heartmycloset

My figure and style preference lean towards vintage and this dress, custom fitted, would make my whole month.

Venni Caprice off the shoulder mini dress

Because I live in Southern California and one of these days it will indeed be hot outside; I need this dress to go grocery shopping in.  Yup, gotta keep it sexy at Fresh and Easy.

There you have it my loves.  And hopefully I will have all four of these lovely items in my closet before the summer ends.

3 thoughts on “I Want

  1. love the dresses… So tell them u need 2…. Lol…. Let me know when ur free for Chilis….

    • I love the black one…its only like $150 and they custom make it for your measurements. I keep going back and reading that part because I’m like this is too good to be true lol

  2. I would love to buy you all of these things. Unfortunately, I have not quite reached sugar daddy status. I am a few years away from being sugar daddy.

    Holla at me in 12 years.

    I gotcha then.


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