Shallow Ronnie

Y’all remember that movie “Shallow Hal”?

In a nutshell it’s about this guy who is super shallow.

And yeah his name is Hal.

Anyways, Hal has an issue with being overly preoccupied with the female face and form.

He meets this chick and she is living quite large and comfy.

But Hal can’t see it.  When he looks at her all he can see is thin and pretty.

Ok so go check it out, because it’s a fairly funny movie.

So I was watching the movie the other day and I started to think about how I approach the opposite sex.

I like to think I’m open minded.

You know none of those crazy lists where the man has to be a certain height or weight or complexion in order for us to date.

But when I’m completely honest with myself, looks matter.

I’m not saying he has to be drop dead, Brad Pitt gorgeous.

And personality and demeanor can help the cause.

But his physical appearance has to be appealing to me.

I have to want to look at him.

Be close to him.

If I don’t, well not even the most charismatic man in all the land will stand a chance.

I mean at first its okay.

You know his smooth demeanor will distract me from the fact that I’m not physically attracted to him.

But after awhile the Gemini that lives within me will start to get a bit agitated.

See, she likes eye candy.

And if she isn’t satisified with her view then she tends to wander.

It’s sad but true.

When it comes to men I need a complete package.

A renaissance man even.

Handsome, smart, witty, intelligent, comensensical, funny, sweet, romantic, etc., etc.

And yes those latter qualities are all very, very important to me.

But so is the package that they come wrapped up in.

So does that make me Shallow Ronnie??


3 thoughts on “Shallow Ronnie

  1. I don’t think wanting to be physically attracted to someone makes you shallow. It would be one thing to completely write a guy off if he wasn’t a 10, but it doesn’t sound like that’s what you’re saying. Who doesn’t want the exterior (looks) to match a pleasant interior (personality)?

  2. If I can’t look at you, it can’t work. It’s hard enough to maintain a relationship. I am not as shallow as Hal, but I’m not all that deep either.

    No judgment from me on this one.

    Shallow Ronnie has a ring to it though….lol

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