Significant Other

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Hold my Hand

Early last summer I took a long hard look at what I truly wanted in a significant other.

If I’m completely honest it was the prodding of an old friend that initiated my soul searching.

During the course of a conversation he mentioned to me that he felt that I sort of settled for whatever men happened to be right in my face.

That perhaps in order to be truly satisfied in my next relationship I would have to step outside my comfort zone to find the right guy.

So I started to think about what I truly wanted my significant someone to resemble.

And I’m not talking height, weight or even skin color requirements.

For me it was more of the emotional connection that held priority.

So I made a list of how I wanted to feel with and for my mate.

And how I wanted him to feel towards me and my son.

The priorities that I wanted both of us to share.

Things like family and honesty and passion.

Financial beliefs.

And no fellas I’m not talking the size of the paycheck.

I’m more interested in how he feels about supporting his family.

Building a stable life together.

Being the head of our household.

And motivation.

That’s a big one for me.

My significant other has to have inner drive.

He has to be someone who has his own dreams and the fire to pursue them.

And something I recently added, thanks to my Aha! Moment,

He has to be available.

Available physically and emotionally.

It’s funny that with all the writing Ido that I never wrote any of this down before.

Perhaps it was my issue with turning the wanting of love into an item on my to-do list that stopped me.

Whatever my issue.  I’ve gotten over it.

And I have a Memo in my BlackBerry to prove it.

4 thoughts on “Significant Other

  1. Haven’t been on in awhile but I LOVE IT!!! I need to sit down and do mines as well… *_* 9*18*23

  2. So now you have a list. Happy hunting! Should be a lot easier now that you know what you are actually looking for. Do you have a religious preference? Political party? What are your deal-breakers?

    • Lol I’m not hunting. I’m just preparing myself for when he finds me. I will recognize him because I took a little bit of time to truly consider what characteristics a good mate for me would have.

      No religious preference but he must believe in God. My ideas are a lot more morals based not so much how tall you are or did you vote democrat vs republic. As for the specifics, I’m not sure I want to share those with the world wide web…at least not yet 🙂

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