Monuments to Nothingness

“I’m Sorry and I Love You.”

There is truth in the heart that speaks those words.

But it does nothing to seal up the crater that appeared in my heart.

Doesn’t stop the tears that seem to come at the most inconvenient times.

Can’t stop the ache that seems to start in my chest and radiate out like sunbeams to the very ends of me.

Won’t keep my mind from visiting and revisiting the “us” that use to be but won’t ever be again.

That apology and that love isn’t going to save me.

Not from this….


Especially when all I wish for is to not feel anything at all.

Your words are just monuments to the nothingness that now lives in me.

*The 2011 BLACK WEBLOG AWARDS NOMINATIONS are now open.  The awards are a celebration of African-American bloggers and are decided by the readers.  From now until May 7, 2011 you have the option of nominating your favorite blogs.  Once the nominees have been chosen then you can return and vote for the winners.

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