Eye Candy

I crave eye candy.

I love to chit chat with handsome men.

I need it to take my mind off other things.

Even if I have no interest in them at all.

They could be dumb as a doorpost.

Or bland as white bread.

Like they couldn’t carry a conversation if they had a backpack and a dolly.

Doesn’t really deter me from craving a good dose of eye candy every now and then.

So the other night I ventured out.

Decided to join the festivities and celebrate my girl’s birthday at Dave and Busters.

I figured a good time and some laughs with old and new friends would be good for me.

But in the back of my head I was also thinking a little flirting and convo with some nice eye candy couldn’t hurt my mood.

Man was I disappointed.

Not in my friends.

As always they were pure comedy.

And fun from start to finish.

But the eye candy selection was dismal.

And that’s being kind.

So I was forced to lower my standards and go for the half decent.

Meaning he’s cute enough to chat up at the spot.

But he will not be leaving with my number unless he comes with an amazing personality and unmatched flirting skills.

So I spotted a half-decent and we commenced to chatting.

And he is wack.

When did being ok looking make it okay to have no personality whatsoever??

I guess I’m out of the loop.

From the moment he said hello and commenced to staring at my boobs and telling the lamest jokes known to man,

I was wishing I had stayed away.

Far away.  Like over by the Deal or No Deal game.

Before I break down and snap on him.

I admit defeat.

No eye candy.

Not even any half-decent men.

I stumble off to try to salvage the evening.

Wheel of Fortune game here I come.

Won 214 tickets…Not a complete waste of a night and a babysitter.

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