Love is…

Love is…

Like nauseous fumes

And toxic flames

It engulfs the will

Rendering all hope

Less than dead

With sweet scented words

And caresses

That kill the soul

And poison the spirit

Havoc wrecking

And life destroying

Chaos filled wants

Wrapped up in butterfly kisses

That metamorph into despair

Heart wrenching

A sickness that seeps into cells

Drowning out reason

Eliminating light

And then the smoke clears

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4 thoughts on “Love is…

  1. Well, Love the title. I was intrigued. The word love usually skips a beat in my heart. Um, well,
    “Love is…

    Like nauseous fumes

    And toxic flames

    It engulfs the will

    Rendering all hope

    Less than dead”

    Immediately caught my attention. Then I was highly concerned, so I kept reading. And I found myself suddenly drifted back into a time where this was the core of my being, at a point in my life where love had snuffed me out, and left me for dead. Memories… Glad I’m not there anymore. But, I feel you. Hope this was just an reflection and not a current circumstance. But I love the flow of the poem, very deep and emotional.

    • Glad you were intrigued enough to start and finish reading. The poem for me was a reflection on how loving someone can sometimes place you in a position where you feel like you are fighting for your life. But when its all said and done “the smoke clears” and you can see yourself and even love clearly. I guess the idea that sometimes you have to go through some things before you can make it to the other side.

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