His Rib

“I want to claim my rib within you.”

This is the statement that threw me off balance.

I paused for so long after the words were spoken that I almost forgot that I needed to breathe in order to continue living.

The comment came in the midst of a discussion.

Really a talk on the pros and cons of beginning a new romantic relationship.

It was directed at me after I voiced my fears on trusting and loving a new partner.

It threw me for a complete loop.

So simple a statement.

But oh the power of those 8 little words.

It encompassed everything that I ever thought I wanted to hear from a man.

A promise to love, honor, protect and build.

A promise of forever.

A statement I’ve wanted, waited to hear for so long.

And it scared the crap out of me.

Have you ever had someone say something to you that just stops you in your tracks?

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One thought on “His Rib

  1. Yes, and I think what’s scares us, as women, is that, it’s EXACTLY what we want to hear. But we’re not at a point yet, where we’re ready to hear it just yet, and trust the words that seem to flow so freely, are the truth. All of sudden, he’s saying all the right ways, doing the right things, and we’re feeling the way a woman is supposed to. Yet there’s this underlying hint of distrust that our minds won’t let go, just yet. Because we’re always thinking in the future, instead of the now, we’ve planned ahead to 5 years from now in our heads, “will he still feel like this tomorrow?” Or why does he feel this way? How am I different from the rest (although we tell ourselves that on a daily bases)? We start breaking ourselves down, if they are a great catch, just to convince ourselves, HE’S THE ONE… lol. Or if he doesn’t have it all together, but saying the right things, then we break him down for why he COULDN’T BE THE ONE? Lol. AHHH love and relationships… don’t you just love it?

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