Cup of Tea

I’m not your cup of tea.

But who cares?

Not me.

I don’t even like you.

Not even a little.

That’s why I don’t speak when you say hi.

I don’t like you.

Not even sort of.

That’s why I don’t invite you anywhere.

I don’t like you.

And I’ve told you several times.

That’s why you smile in my face and talk shit behind my back.

I’m not your cup of tea.

Yet you are constantly reading my blog, my Facebook page and my tweets.


I’m not one of your readers, your friend and damn sure not following you.

You rarely even register on my screen.

Except when I need a good laugh.

Take a hint from a consummate tea drinker.

If I’m not your cup of tea.

Try coffee.


2 thoughts on “Cup of Tea

  1. I know that’s right!!!! Love this…the title throw me..but now that I have read it I understand completely!!

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