Being Single is Tricky

Being single is a tricky game to say the least.

At least for me it has been.

You have certain requirements that you have determined are essential.

But you don’t want to be rigid and possibly disregard a perfectly good person.

You are juggling your own life, your family, friends and whatever you have going on.

Trying to keep busy and centered within yourself.

But you have to leave room for someone special.

You are trying to be friendly, open and inviting.

But you don’t want to give off the wrong impression.

Or attract someone who is just looking for a good time with no serious commitment.

Then there is the whole issue of where to meet quality people.

Pretty much everyone says stay away from the clubs.

So you’re left with the grocery store, church or work.

And lets not even get into the whole can of worms which is work romance.

Geez its enough to make even the most determined individual call it quits.

I mean you’ve got all these competing interests and contradictory goals.

All of these conflicting desires and agendas.

I know most people would say to just relax and go with the flow.

But when you think of what is at stake.

The fact that the choices you make and the person you choose could very well be with you until death.

Until death.

Well yeah that is enough to make any situation tricky.


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