I’m Racial

I’m not politically correct.

I’ve tried but it takes too much energy.

And to be completely honest, I’m quite racial.

I speak on black, white, yellow, brown and red.

If it’s funny or ghetto or just plain, “I can’t believe they really just did that”, then it’s fair game.

Example of my tendency towards racial humor:  I once lived in Victorville, CA and anyone who knows the area knows that it gets hot. 

I’m talking HOT.  Like hades inspired hot. 

So on one particularly warm day I had to hit up Target. 

Which as a side note is like my most favorite store in all the land. 

Anyways, as I stepped from the cool air conditioned cabin of the car, the heat slapped me like I cussed it’s momma out.  

Appalled and downright disgusted I turned to my companion and said, “It’s Africa HOT out here!!!” 

I then proceeded to use my tongue to cluck it out in some made up African language. 

We looked at each other and would have died laughing except it was just to damn hot for all that.

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