KnockOff Afro

My son has officially pronounced my afro fake.

For those who are looking at me sideways,

I guess I should explain.

You see the boy has curly (picture spirals ) hair.  It’s quite gorgeous when allowed to grow out.

I have curly hair as well.

But it takes a little more manipulation to get the curl definition that I prefer.

So primarily I do two strand twists or flat twists to accomplish this.

I find that this method gives me the volume that I like without having to resort to blow drying my hair.

Win win right?

Well not exactly.

Though the boy loves the fact that I wear it curly like his, instead of straight.

He continues to assert that my ‘fro is a knockoff.

I’m not sure how I feel about being relegated to the not 100% authentic bin.

Especially by an 8-year-old, that I helped create.

But such is my life.


3 thoughts on “KnockOff Afro

  1. You had me at “My son has officially pronounced my afro fake.” What a great opening line LMAO And your son got good hair??LOL thanks for sharing !!! Made my night. Gotta work on my opening salvos

    • Over here in the Ronnie household we don’t partake in that “good hair” “bad hair” school of thought. Oh and practice does make perfect lol

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