Prints: Graphic & Bright & Bold

Today’s edition of ZoomZooms & WhamWhams is all about my love of all things print.

1.  These Muerte black/silver/purple peep toe pumps.  Very inexpensive, $46 from Pinup Girl Clothing, but with the right dress…It will be GAME OVER!!

2.  Ikea’s Stockholm Blad curtain panels, $59..99 for 2 panels.  I love these curtains and actually have them in my living room.  They are the perfect mix, a bold graphic print done in muted neutrals.  And again I say, love them.

3.  Ever since I became a mother I have been toting around these large suitcases that are impersonating purses.  But now that my son is older I am coming back to my love of small clutches.  This Dogwood Print in Aqua clutch ($19 at PoppyPunch on Etsy) will be coming to join my collection very soon.  *Update: My clutch arrived on Monday 🙂

4.  All I can say is that I want this  50s Cocktail Dress in Vintage Water Pint ($195 at eraboutique on Etsy)….Now.

And don’t worry if you are a bit on the cautious side.

You can always pair a print with some neutrals and solids to tone it down.

See now we can all be friends, print whores and basic bettys united.


What are you thinking?

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