Simply Beautiful

I fell in love.

I wasn’t looking for anything.

I was actually minding my business; and getting along quite nicely.

When, all of a sudden he arrived.

I mean he just showed up like an errant rain shower on a lovely summer afternoon.

He wasn’t perfect.

But it didn’t matter.

In my eyes he was the beginning.

The end.

The feeling too good to resist.

We talked.

And he actually wanted to know me.

What I love? What I hate? What I dream? What I hope for?

What I’ve gone through? What my heart cries over when I’m alone?

All about me.

All of which only made me love him more.

He had his own goals, dreams, and aspirations.

And his strength, perseverance and determination only added to my desire towards him.

Our chemistry was like thunder and lightning.



It was…

Simply beautiful.

And I began to let myself think that I had found my one.

But we all know that once you crack that door in your heart there is no shutting the door.

That person is and will always be able to walk in and out.

I hoped that this once, that my love would choose to walk in and shut the door forever.

But it was not to be.

And like that rain shower, so out of place on a sunny June day.

He passed on by.

*And for your listening pleasure: Leela James – Simply Beautiful



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