Me vs. My Hair

As some of you know,

I’ve recently begun to wear my hair in its natural curly state.

This is a challenge for me in so many different ways.

It’s literally me vs. my hair on a daily basis.

You see I’ve never been very good at styling my own hair.

That talent went to my younger sister.

She is so good in fact that she almost became a beautician by trade.

I on the other hand have always been a slave to my hairdresser.

So when I decided to start wearing my hair curly, one of the reasons was that I wanted to become better able to manage my own hair.

Well 6 months in, not one visit to the hairdresser, and me and my pocket book love it.

And even with all the love that is flowing between me and my locks.

I realized recently that I’ve been stuck wearing my hair in the same fashion for 6 months.

A twist or bantu knot out.

For me there is something about big hair that I find so beautiful and feminine.

So I of course went right for that look.

Yet I’ve begun to realize that I need some variety and I also need to learn to protect and better care for my hair.

So in an effort to master these things,

I’ve decided to participate in a hair challenge that is being moderated by Loo at Healthy Hair and Body.

I recently mentioned this site in a Walkabout Wednesday post.

If you are looking for tips and techniques on natural hair and beauty care then this is a wonderful site.

So back to the challenge, it is 6 months long, February 1st – August 1st, and has various requirements.

You can read all about it here if you are interested.

My main focus will be mastering different protective styles.

I will also be using this time to become comfortable wearing my hair up, while still feeling feminine and pretty.

I think I will check in monthly with updates as to my progress.

It will keep me accountable, as well as give me a journal of sorts to look back on at the end of the challenge.

So wish me luck.

My 1st Protective Style: 6-8 flat twists, gathered into a bun and accessorized with a coach scarf tied into a bow. And yes I'm hiding behind my new clutch. LOL


4 thoughts on “Me vs. My Hair

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