So You Want to Spend Your Spring Break in South Dakota?!

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Image by Arthur Chapman via Flickr

So it’s that time of the year when I start planning me and the boy’s spring break trip.

Now our normal stomping ground has been the San Diego/Rancho Bernardo area.

But now that he is older I figured we could expand our horizons.

Maybe Hawaii or a cruise to Mexico or the Caribbean.

So I ask the love of my life for his thoughts on destinations.

And he says,

“Let’s go to South Dakota.”

Wtf?!?  (Said to myself of course).

Really?!?  (Said out loud to him).

Apparently he wants to go visit Mount Rushmore.

And quite badly because he started crying when I tried to talk to him about a cruise instead.

So there goes my week of fun in the sun.

I keep telling myself that it is educational.

Not really working though.

I guess I best get to seeing what else there is to do and see in Keystone, South Dakota.

Wish me luck.


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