Walkabout Wednesday: My New Favorites

Welcome back to Walkabout Wednesday.

I missed you guys.

I know, I know, if I posted these things more often, then I wouldn’t have to miss any of our internet adventures.

Nevertheless I did miss y’all.

I mean I missed you so much I followed you today…

Wait hold up, that’s Orange Juice Jones.

My bad.

Actually I missed y’all so much that I decided to share with you some of my new favorite blogs.

Opinion:  Everybody’s got one but some just tickle me more than others  

Brown Sugaaahttp://brownsugaaa.tumblr.com/ 

Ms. Dy might be young but she speaks the TRUTH. 

And she is hilarious to boot.  What’s not to love.  

Lifestyle:  In case you haven’t heard, I’m au naturel

Healthy Hair and Bodyhttp://hairandhealth.blogspot.com/ 

I love this site for its mix of beauty, health and science. 

It’s the perfect combination of smarts with just enough common sense thrown in.

The information is useful but more importantly easy to implement.

And I will be participating in their 3 in 6 challenge this February.  Check it out here.

Food:  Because I’m a fat girl trapped…umm yeah about that

Curious Foodiehttp://curiousfoodie.wordpress.com/

I love Amsie’s blog…and not just because I love to eat. 

I’m also beginning to love to cook, instead of it being a chore it has become a joy.

In fact it was this recipe for banana chocolate chip muffins which spawned my newest bonding activity with my son, baking.

So that concludes our tour for the day.  Hope you enjoyed our Wednesday Walkabout.  

I know I did…And I promise I’ll be back soon.

Love y’all.

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