Black Love Poster* Or Bust!

They say you should write your goals down.

Something about putting pen to pad that makes them more real…concrete.

And in turn, this will make the odds of achieving them greater.

So as they do every new year, many have written down their desire to…

Loose weight, make (and keep) more money, attract more happiness, etc.

I mean even I have a list of things I am aiming to accomplish this year;

They primarily relate to my writing and professional life, but it’s still a list of things to accomplish.

Which brings us to those of us who are currently traversing the highway of life with the shotgun seat empty.

Should we too put our desire for a partner down on paper?

Some would say yes, absolutely.

But, I’m not quite so sure about that.

For me there is something a little too anal…

and I can be pretty doggone anal (or picky as my son politely terms it)…

about placing the finding of a mate on my list of 2011 goals.

The idea of relegating my desire for love and companionship to a to-do list, puts it on par with the soymilk and hot Cheetos I have to pick up at the grocery store. 

And that just doesn’t sit well with the romantic in me.

It’s kind of like thinking that you can follow some 10 step program or Rules and voila the partner of your dreams will miraculously appear.

A little too hokey for my taste.

So instead of a goal on my list of things to do.

I’m going to give that want for someone special a slogan.

A slogan that I can chant to myself when the going is rough.

A slogan to keep my spirits high and hope alive.

A slogan that lets the world know that I am serious about this love thing.

2011:  Black Love Poster or Bust!

Yeah, that’s way more practical.

*Black Love Poster is an online scrapbook celebrating black women in love…


2 thoughts on “Black Love Poster* Or Bust!

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