Fissures Pt. 2

David the man that she had been loving for almost 2 years stood in the entry to the kitchen.  On any day he was a formidable sight to behold.  He was 6’1”, deep chocolate with a physique that made him seem immovable.  And he stood looking at her as if he could literally consume her with his anger. 

The room swam around her like a lazy stream current and Sam fought to get her head above water.  How could she not have heard David enter the apartment?  Not even notice that he was standing in the doorway of the kitchen for who knows how long.  And now facing him, his face a solid mask of anger, hurt and disbelief, she felt weak.

“Who was that?” David demanded.  “Who were you talking to?” 

Sam knew she needed to find her voice but it had deserted her and she couldn’t seem to locate it.  Her silence only intensified his mood.  He strode over to her and grabbed her arm, almost dragging her behind him into the living room. 

He pushed her down onto the couch and stood glaring down at her.  “Was it him Sam?  You swore you would stop talking to him.” 

“We’re just friends…” Sam began but David cut her off before she could finish. 

He slammed his fist into the wall.  “I don’t want to hear it.  That man is not just a friend and you know it.” 

All she could do was to stare up at him.  Everything he was saying and thinking was true.  She knew that when it came down to it, she was completely in love with Joshua.  As much as she tried to justify their talking as simply that of her right to have friends, she knew it had always and would always be more than that. But of course she couldn’t say any of that to David; wouldn’t allow herself to hurt him anymore than she had already.  So all she could do was to look at him and hope that he saw what love she had reserved for him alone. 

“Do you love me Samantha?  Or is it him?” He asked.

No words formed on her lips, all she could do was look at him with eyes clouded over with regret and sadness.  After all the years they had spent together and she couldn’t answer a basic question. 

He left her sitting on the edge of the couch.  He had to get away from her because his anger was close to consuming him.  And he didn’t know what he might do to her if he lost control.  David couldn’t believe that she couldn’t, or maybe wouldn’t, answer his question.  He hated Joshua, a man he had never laid eyes on; hated him so fiercely that he thanked God that the man lived halfway across the country.  Because he honestly didn’t know what he might do to that man if he could get his hands on him.  He moved into the bathroom closing the door quietly behind him.  It was as if all the strength he had in his body left him and he just couldn’t fight anymore. 


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