New Year, New Wants

ZoomZooms & WhamWhams is back with a New Year edition.

New Year, New Wants:

I’ve never really been into jewelry however that has begun to change this past year.  And with that I currently have 4 pieces on my “I really wish someone would pick these up and send them to my PO Box” list.

This beautiful Silver Shell Necklace ($78) by Christinapdesigns over on Etsy is a must have.

Peace Images has these beautiful Cowrie Shell and Turquoise earrings ($40) over on Etsy.  I find them organic yet very regal.  I love and want them.  Please and Thank You

I love things that have a vintage feel to them and this frank & myrrh Peridot bracelet fits the bill.  Prospect Bracelet $54.   

Last but certainly not least are a pair of earrings by frank & myrrh.  The Pangaea – Blue & Ochre earrings for $35 are calling my name…Ronnie, Baby, Sweetie.  Yes, yes I hear you calling.

So there you have it.  A  few pieces of adornment with which to start my (or yours or fellas that special lady friend’s)new year off right.

*Update 8/12/11 All links to frank & myrrh have been disabled as there have been some issues surrounding the company and its practices.  I will refrain from sending readers there for business until all issues are cleared up

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