Sometimes Life Is Low

Lalah Hathaway interpreting Joe Samples’ When Your Life Was Low

Life isn’t always good.

There are times when it doesn’t even seem bearable.

It has beaten up on you to the point that you no longer resemble the person that you once were.

And it is during these times that we sometimes need someone to join us in our journey through the rugged landscape of our lives.

Someone who can see beyond the bruises, scrapes and disfigurement that our trials have inflicted upon our soul.

It isn’t often that you run across these people.

They appear when it seems as though you won’t make it through.

They love you when it seems as though you don’t deserve to be loved.

They offer encouragement and support when all you want to do is give up

Sometimes it is when your life is at its lowest that you find a love that takes you the highest.


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