That Married Man Can Get ALL The Business

A few weeks ago I wrote a post where I shared some of my lustful secrets.

You can read that post here.

I will wait for you until you get done…

Thanks for coming back.

So, one of my admissions garnered a lot of attention (i.e. comments and remarks).

I shared innocently that I had a major crush on a married man.

And I do.  I mean it’s terrible.  And yes I repent of it daily.  Yet, it remains with me.

But the crazy thing about it was the reaction this caused.

You would have thunk that I destroyed a marriage and was taking the food off the table of his children.

I mean people were basically already visiting me in hades.

Not that I care.

Who I am. What I do. Whom I love.

All of those things are impenetrable to others thoughts or concerns.

I do me all day, every day. 

And if your feelings are hurt by this…

‘Tis none of my concern.

But the reaction did intrigue me; got me to pondering.

And what I think is that sometimes people are so quick to judge that they don’t take the time to ensure they have all the facts.

Because if anyone of the lovely people who were playing God had stopped…

Thought about what I wrote…

Asked me what it was about…

Then I would have unabashedly shared that I have a major crush on Brad Pitt.

Who is married to Angelina Jolie.

And yes I still stand 100% behind my assertion that Mr. Pitt can get ALL the business.


5 thoughts on “That Married Man Can Get ALL The Business

  1. LOL Indeed.

    Plus a crush on a married man is nothing until you act on it…Having a crush on someone is not even something you control

    Keep up the good work woman….

    People, me included…we are so often so quick to judge when it’s a subject that touches us at some level…let this be a good reminder to get all the facts before making an opinion and to be less hard on others as well as ourselves…


    • Yes, Aiina, that is so very true. I can’t even count the number of folks I have crushed on, never to go beyond a few steamy scenes in my head lol.

      And thanks so much for the encouragement, I appreciate it. Hope you come back often.

  2. That’ll learn ya, Ms. Homewrecker…Kidding!

    As I said in my comment of the original post, your honesty is what makes the admission so dope. People truly need to lighten up. Projection is a helluva a thing. Most often- the seriously judgmental folks who love to point fingers are secretly envious of your gumption to admit the truth- because they lack it within themselves. It’s easier to skewer you for what they would rather be doing lest they be judged by ones as self-righteous as themselves.

    And on that note…Rock, rock on.

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