So a little something different to start the new year.  Here’s a little piece of something that I’ve been working on that I call “Cracks”.  The section that this selection is taken from is called, Fissures.  I will be posting bits and pieces throughout the coming months and I appreciate your feedback and comments.  Love y’all – Ronnie    


     Sam stared at the blue nail polish on her feet.  She always wore blue on her toes. It was her thing.  She wondered how that happened.  But she couldn’t stop.  Couldn’t just up and change to say green or red or even yellow, because David liked the blue.  And he made a point to say so whenever she had tried something different in the past.  She hated to make him upset and tried her best to only do things that she knew he liked.  So even though she might have liked to try something different with her polish, she resolved herself to wearing blue. 

     Slowly lowering her legs and rolling off the bed, Sam made her way to the kitchen.  It was close to 6pm so she knew she only had a few hours before David made it back to her house.  She was letting him stay at her place until his new place was ready in a few weeks.  It was turning into the longest weeks of her life but it was what a good girlfriend would do.  And Sam took pride in being a good girl.  Sitting down at the table in the kitchen and propping her legs up on the chair opposite her, she dialed his number.

     The phone rang several times before Joshua picked up.  He already knew it was Sam on the other end.  For the past few weeks they had been conversing like clock work.  He looked forward to their conversations and the sound of her voice.  “Hey Shorty” he said without hesitation when he put the receiver to his ear.  “Hey, how’d you know it was me?” Sam replied with a huge smile on her face.  The simple sound of his voice and the way he called her Shorty, made all the melancholy seem to melt from her body.  Talking to him felt so natural and right, it was the highlight of her weekday.  “I just knew Sam.” He replied softly.  As always they started off with light conversation, asking about each other’s day.  But soon it progressed to something a bit more intimate. 

     Both of them were in relationships and neither wanted to hurt the person they were currently with.  But something about the connection they had made wouldn’t allow them to stop what they were doing.  And so they talked of missing each other and feelings of emptiness that no others, not even their significant others, could quite fill.  And it was then that Sam noticed something out of the corner of her eye.  Turning to face the entry to the kitchen her eyes locked onto a pair of deep brown eyes that were ablaze with anger.  “I have to go” she whispered and hung up the phone.


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