The 7 Deadly Sins Challenge: I’m In Lust

The 7 Deadly Sins Challenge…

Day 7 – Lust:  Seven love secrets

The last stop in this lovely challenge.

And I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I mean I’m never one to stray away from my feelings.

I’m a Gemini and I love to love and flirt.

But for some reason I’ve been avoiding this particular challenge.

Ahh well, it must be done so I can move on to other things.

So without much further ado….

1.  I once had sex in a car and got chased by a police helicopter.  And not to be swayed, we just found a new spot and finished the deed.

2.  I once drank an entire bottle of goldschläger and well the rest is xxx rated and fuzzy.

3.  I have a huge crush on a married man.  He can definitely get the business.  I am repenting as I type.

4.  I’m in lust with Michael Ealy.  If you know him, or anyone who knows him, please let him know.  Thanks in advance.

5.  I love to be kissed.  Everywhere.

6.  I give a mean lap dance…don’t ask.

7.  I can fall in love based purely off the mental.


5 thoughts on “The 7 Deadly Sins Challenge: I’m In Lust

  1. You sure we arent seperated at birth? LOL only differnce is 1. mine was a police car….and yes we finished….2. mine was crown royal…..4. Jeffrey Wright….6. we will call it a “lapdance” LOLOL…..

  2. Candy Girl, I really enjoyed this entire series. It was honest. That alone makes it dope. It would be interesting to explore the other side of things maybe. The 7 Virtues. Just a thought.

    Oh, btw…I feel you on #4. “Pretty Ricky what dey called him.” 🙂

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