Would You Take A Grenade For Love?

Bruno Mars – Grenade

The 1st time I heard this song I cried.

It moved me in such a way that I had to let my feelings flow.

I’m not in that space that the song speaks on…

Haven’t been for years…

But I once loved a man so thoroughly that it amazes me when I think back on it.

This song completely captures the depth of love that can be directed towards someone who can’t begin to return that love.

Because they can’t or just don’t want to.

Either way the hurt is beyond comprehension.

And this song captures all of that emotion perfectly.

For more information on Bruno Mars, you can check out his official website:



6 thoughts on “Would You Take A Grenade For Love?

  1. First time hearing the song and you are very correct it speaks volumes (lyrics and the video) on what it is like to love someone, to be willing to do whatever for the love only to not receive it back.
    While I believe love is an amazing thing I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t fall in love again to the point where I would take a grenade for another person…I’d let them know it was coming, maybe push them out the way…but nope I’m not standing in front of the path…

    Side note…this post has given me an idea for my next point 😉

  2. I actually heard this song for the first time a couple a days ago. It is a beautiful, very emotional and sad song. I can totally relate. And its funny cause a couple of months ago I wrote a poem called Disarmed Grenade. But kind of a different concept, but similar to love and relationships. More of not fully appreciating the present, because you’re expecting the worse.

    @ JC I would like to read also.

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