The 7 Deadly Sins Challenge: Greedy Little Grubber

The 7 Deadly Sins Challenge…

Day 3 – Avarice (Greed):  Seven worldly material desires.

I’m no saint.

Not an angel.

And definitely not perfect.


Did I just type that??

Ummm yeah, if there is anyone reading this with whom I have, in the past or may in the future disagree with, please disregard that little bit about not being perfect.

I am not only perfect, but always right.  Repeat as needed.

Ok so back to being greedy.

Seeing as I am only human, there are a few material trappings that I get all worked up over.

And without any further ado, here are the seven current items on my greedy little grubber list.


I’m talking about in excess of stupidity.  Yeah, that kind of money.

A new house

Now here is where I lean away from extravagance.  I don’t need a mini mansion or anything crazy like that.

I’m practical…and a little scary, so a large house with only 2-3 people living in it would have me bugging out.

So, I will take a nice 4 bedroom house, with an office and a nice back yard.  See I’m easy to please.

Infinity FX45

**Sigh** Isn’t it pretty.

I love this car…I mean I truly think I could have an affair with it.

BMW 7 series

Yes, I know that my previous want is also an automobile.  See that is the beauty of being greedy. 

My little heart can want all the cars in the world.

Sorry to interrupt this wonderful post but I just realized that I don’t actually have 7 material things to list.

I mean I’m sure if someone mentioned something I would cosign…but off the top of my head I only come up with these 4.

Not sure if that’s good or bad…

But its my truth…

And isn’t that what this little activity is all about…being truthful.

So, loved ones help me out.  What do you think I should set my greedy little eyes on?  What material items are on your list of wants??

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