Kanye West Stole 34 Minutes of My Life….

Everybody has been talking about this new video that Kanye West put out…


It’s more like a Michael Jackson videocumentary….

Yes I just made that word up…

And no I don’t care.

So my twitter, email, facebook and bbm blew up when it dropped.

Everybody talking about some bird chick.

And how artsy, crafty, Kanye is and whatnot.

So I decided I best go watch and see what’s up with Mr. West.

So I moseyed on over to ZS Music Blog and watched this:

I’ve never been a big fan of Kanye…

This didn’t sway me.

I get he is trying to make a statement.

Maybe something along the lines of the current culture killing individuality.

And how being a black man, who also is a music superstar, equates to being on display.

Something akin to an animal.

But as always when I view his output…it just seems like too much thought…

And not enough soul went into it.

Which in the end just makes me think that sometimes trying too hard is just as bad as not trying at all.

I’d like to give him a thumbs up for directing…

But the whole sex with a bird woman montage prevents me from doing that.

Oh and Hype the story line was wack.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

So Kanye if you are out there…

Reading this…

I would like my 34 minutes back….

And since you are crazy, stupid, stanky rich, I’d like it back with interest…

Yeah thanks. 

5 thoughts on “Kanye West Stole 34 Minutes of My Life….

  1. I just watched this for the first time like an hour ago (it was on my To-Do list… and I forgot it until not too long ago). It was interesting. No, not the best piece of visual art, but you can’t go wrong with a sexy bird/angel/phoenix! Yes, that “sex” scene near the end was lame and groan inducing, but there were some good bits- like the ballet stuff and the cooked peacock causing the angel/phoenix to flip out.

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