Reading, Math and Canadian Citizenship

Here in our lovely home, the school year is in full swing.

We are about 3 months into the 3rd grade school year.

And things have changed drastically from the first two years of elementary.

Now my son has homework due daily.

I’ve barely seen his teacher, let alone his classroom.

We have been instructed to stay on the playground.

To allow our children to be responsible for themselves.

It’s tough but it’s what needs to happen for them to grow and mature.

 So on the one occasion that I was allowed to venture into his 3rd grade class, Back to School Night.

I began to reminisce on his elementary journey.

One memory from his 2nd grade Open House stood out.

My son was super excited to have his father and I come to his class.

He showed us the butterfly farm that the class had nurtured.

The seedlings that he had grown.

Artwork that he had created.

And finally a little personal history story-board.

He is an only child.

Loves the color red.

Likes to read SpongeBob and Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

And last but not least, he is Canadian.

Hold up…Bring it back…Come rewind…


Wait, what did I miss?

We are most definitely not Canadian.  Haven’t even visited the great maple leaf country.

So while I’m giving my son some serious side-eye, his dad is cracking up.

Finally I ask my son what made him think he was Canadian.

And he says, “Cousin Vinnie told me.”

Oh yeah….Cousin Vinnie huh???

So cuzzo just know that I will get you back for negatively influencing my child.

You won’t know when, or where, or how.

But I will get you….

And your little dog too (if you had a dog that is).


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