Dear Editor

Dear Mr. or Ms. Editor

Yes, I’m talking to you.

Those who make writers words suitable for publishing, printing and/or posting.

Writers whose words all carry a distinct voice.

And as one of these writers I am formally requesting that you stop.

Stop making our voices, yours.

Every piece of work that you edit should not sound like who you would be

IF you were a writer.

I mean if you want to write then you should go for it.

I support you whole heartedly in your endeavors.

And I’m sure you can make it happen.

But if you truly mean to be an editor….

And a good one at that.

Then please note that your job is not to re-work every piece you get your hands on.

Such that it becomes your work with the writer having been relegated to fact-finder only.

Your job is to make sure the piece is topic and/or brand specific.

That it is thoroughly researched.

And as close to error free as is humanly possible.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Otherwise you are not editing…

You are writing.

And I should have titled this piece Dear Writer.


6 thoughts on “Dear Editor

  1. Hello,
    There’s a new e-magazine for amateur writers/photographers called INKLICK e-MAGAZINE. It is a freely distributable e-magazine run by amateur group of bloggers. I like your blog posts and I invite you to be part of the e-magazine team. Let’s work together and create a great platform.
    Hope you’ll show interest in this growing project!

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